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I’m Iulia Tudor. I transform entrepreneurs into business owners. 

Coming from Romania, I’ve overcome  the challenges of escaping a revolution to start anew in Canada. Inspired by the war rhetoric I heard growing up I pursed a path as a researcher in clinical psychology which led to several notable publications. However a career-altering spinal injury, had me pivot my career and venture into entrepreneurship. My academic journey in psychology led to several publications before my path shifted. I’ve launched a few startups, in diverse sectors from the fitness industry, to a property maintenance. And that’s when it dawned on me that I was just passionate about building businesses.  I’ve had the privilege of As a Brand Director, I’ve collaborated with Canucks Alumni, facilitating community engagements and securing sponsorships. I’ve also facilitated child sponsorship for World Vision and led local campaigns for Coca-Cola

Additionally, I founded Evolve X App and Shayk Technologies, where my passion for innovation flourished. I’ve also played a pivotal role in guiding numerous startups through the complexities of branding, scaling, and securing investments. My diverse experiences uniquely position me to offer invaluable insights and strategic guidance to businesses aiming for impactful growth



“Ideas are worthless without action. And action loves speed. You don’t need to have everything figured out. You just need to start.” – Iulia Tudor

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